Meals and more for the homeless

When most people see a need, they ask, “Why doesn’t someone do something?” When Cheryl Becigneul sees a need, she asks, “Why not me?”

Becigneul’s “it might as well be me” attitude spurred her to start Macomb Feeding the Need, a nonprofit community kitchen that serves food and hope to hundreds of homeless and low-income people each week.

“Our ultimate goal is to get people off the street and help them become self-sufficient,” Cheryl says.

During Macomb Feeding the Need’s eight-year history, dozens of people who first came in for a meal eventually moved into a job. The organization helps it happen by expanding its mission beyond the meals it serves at the Roseville Masonic Temple. It also partners with a network of community resources to provide homeless clients the services and skills needed to become independent.

In celebration of our 100th anniversary, First State Bank applauds the organizations that make a difference in our community. We’re honored to give $5,000 to Macomb Feeding the Need, our sixth centennial donation in 2017. Previous honorees were the Macomb Charitable Foundation, Friends of Foster Kids, KnowResolve, Care House and A Beautiful Me.

It’s a privilege to be your neighbor. Thank you!

To learn more about Feeding the Need or to donate, please visit