Why First State Bank?

Annette was overwhelmed. With the passing of her husband, there were so many things she now had to deal with herself – finances being a big one. Recently, she stopped by our Eastpointe branch with her daughter and grandson to complete some routine banking needs. While there, she hoped to set up an appointment with someone to talk about investments and future planning.

As our assistant branch manager, Cindy, assisted Annette with her deposit, the two women chatted and Annette mentioned that among the many priorities on her growing to-do list, one of the biggest was to get a car seat for her grandson.

Later, when setting up the meeting between Annette and Todd, a First State Investment Services Specialist, Cindy told Todd about Annette’s need for a car seat. “I think I can help,” Todd explained to Cindy. “My wife works with families in our area to assist with this very thing!”

Later that week, when Annette arrived for her appointment with Todd, Todd’s wife was there too – with a brand new car seat for Annette. Not only did she install the seat, but she went over the instructions for proper seat installation to ensure future safety.

At First State Bank, our care for your safety extends beyond your bank accounts.