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Send Files Securely

The following fields must be filled in for your information to be emailed properly:

  • From: This is the person sending the file.
  • To: This is the person receiving the email. Example: More than one email address can be added here.
  • Message: Type your message here.
  • File: Browse to the location of the file you would like to send. You can send up to five files at one time.

Additionally, you have notification options to choose from:

  • Download notice: You will be notified when your document has been downloaded.
  • Send me a copy: You will receive a copy of the email.
  • Upload notice: You will be notified when your file(s) have uploaded properly.

Once you have carefully added the necessary information, click "SendThisFile".


NOTE: Send this File can receive up to 15 documents, maximum, so we recommend compressing your files before sending. We have provided links to instructions to zip/compress your files, below:

How to Zip Files (Windows)

How to Compress Files (Apple)

The secure server encrypts all of the information you enter before it is transmitted over the Internet and sent to us. Although we implement protocols for the secure transmission of information, including data encryption, it is possible that information could be intercepted and decoded, thereby resulting in an inadvertent disclosure of confidential information to third parties. As a result, while we use our best efforts to protect the security of your information, we do not warrant or guaranty that information transmitted over this site will free from interception through criminal acts.