Banker Jr. FAQs

Q. What is Banker Jr.?
A. Banker Jr. is a free mobile app to help kids save and learn money recognition and budgeting through games. There is NO interface to any bank account - it is a learning tool designed for kids ages 2 through 10.

Q. Is there a cost for families to use Banker Jr.?
A. No. The app can be downloaded for free.

Q. Do I have to be a customer of First State Bank to use Banker Jr.?
A. No. Banker Jr. is available to anyone as a community service from First State Bank.

Q.Is Banker Jr. safe for kids to use?
A. Absolutely. No identifying information about the child is asked. No real money changes hands in Banker Jr., it is a digital passbook (no direct link to accounts at any bank). Games are safe with positive messaging and no soliciting.

Q. I am a teacher and I would like to incorporate Banker Jr. into my curriculum.  Can I do that?
A. Certainly. Please contact the Marketing Department at First State Bank; call toll-free 866-372-1275 and ask for Marketing.

Q. How do I specifically set-up an account in Banker Jr.?
A. Banker Jr.‘s YouTube video can help answer all your account specific questions.

Q. What if I need assistance with the app? (i.e. resetting a user password?)
A. Simply email, be sure to include First State Bank’s name in the email. You can email right from the app.