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Debit Chip Card FAQs

Q: Why am I receiving a new card?

A: Your new debit card now includes an embedded chip which provides an enhanced level of security when used at a chip-enabled register or ATM.  Chip cards also have greater worldwide acceptance. Once you receive your new chip debit card, your current card will be deactivated within 60 days. You must activate your new card to avoid losing access to your bank account(s).

Q: Why are chip card transactions more secure?

A: Chip card transactions make each transaction unique so if the card and the one-time code are stolen, the information cannot be used to create counterfeit cards.   In-store purchases made with counterfeit cards are one the most common types of card fraud in the United States today.

Q: How do I know if a register or an ATM is chip-enabled?

A: If a register or ATM is chip-enabled, it will prompt you to insert your card and leave it inserted during the whole transaction.  When your transaction is complete, you need to remember to take your card.

Q: Can I still swipe to pay?

A: Yes.  Your card will have a chip and magnetic stripe to accommodate any situation.  However, if the register or ATM is chip-enabled, you will be required to insert your card and some retailers and all ATMs will require you to use your PIN, while others will ask for your signature to authorize the transaction.  If a register or ATM is not chip-enabled, you will continue to swipe your card.

Q: What if I don’t know my PIN?

A: If you don’t know your PIN you will need to visit a branch to reset your PIN. Click here to find the nearest one to you.

Q: What do I do with my existing card?

A: Please activate your chip card promptly.  Once you activate your card, your existing card will no longer work.  Please destroy it by cutting it up or shredding it for security reasons. Your current non-chip debit card will be deactivated in 60 days. You must activate your new card to avoid losing access to your bank account(s).

Q: Has my card information changed?

A: Yes and no.  Your debit card number and PIN will remain the same.  Your expiration date and three digit security code on the back of the card (as called CVV) have changed. 

Q: What if I have automatic recurring payments scheduled with my debit card?

A: Upon activation of your replacement card, you should update your debit card information with all companies you have authorized to pay using your debit card.  Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments using your account number instead of your debit card WILL NOT be affected.  Only payments using your debit card that store your expiration date and three digit security code will require updating.

Q: Can cardholders be tracked with their chip cards?

A: No.  The chip only helps prevent fraud and do not contain tracking information.

Q: Do I have to pay any fees to use my chip card?

A: No.  There are no additional fees to use your new chip card.