Hometown is who we are.

It’s peaceful Sunday mornings.

An early morning jog through the familiar neighborhoods, every step reminding you that this is home, these streets are yours. Memories and moments and this – the now. Finding your pace, mile after mile until you reach your driveway again, exhausted and exhilarated.

It’s where we raise our families.

Gathering around the dinner table each night to talk about our day – there is joy in these moments as we connect with our families and nurture our relationships. These bonds are at the heart of what makes our families stronger and lead our children toward brighter futures.

It’s a Friday night downtown.

Meeting with friends over a plate of appetizers at that new restaurant you wanted to try, laughing about an inside joke, leaving the restaurant hours later with a face that aches from smiling so hard.

It makes us who we are.

It’s community, heart and comfort, rooted in tradition. First State Bank has been your hometown bank for over a 100 years. Hometown is more than where you bank, it’s the way you live – and we’re right there. First State Bank is not just your bank, we’re your neighbor.