Single Family Living

Single Family Living (SFL) was a $5,000 Banksgiving recipient in the Arts/Education/Culture category in 2020. SFL was founded in 2013 in Michigan by Jeri Hunley, a single parent. As a single parent, Jeri was faced with – and overcame – many obstacles. She overcame these challenges with help from her family, but she met many other single parents without the same support system. She dreamed of making a positive difference and created a non-profit outreach organization serving Macomb, Wayne, Oakland counties, and Port Huron.

The Banksgiving funds were applied to a program called “Reading Heroes” to assist Pre-K through 5th grade children with reading comprehension, coaching, webinars, and special games. The goal of the program is to help children with reading and comprehension, so they are successful in passing the Mandatory Michigan Third Grade Law. The funds were used for a bookmobile to be used to travel to underprivileged areas without libraries in their neighborhoods.

To support Single Family Living, visit their website to make a donation.