Why First State Bank?

When Rose approached branch manager Diana at a seminar where Diana discussed FSB services, Rose had seemed frantic. “You have to help me!” Rose pleaded. “We’re losing our house!”

Diana listened as Rose shared details of the home’s original land contract and how the home’s owners had neglected to pay property taxes and now how a pre-foreclosure notice was jeopardizing Rose’s chance to get her own mortgage for the home. It was a complicated situation, but Diana thought First State Bank could help and introduced Rose to Marc, the head of First State Bank’s Mortgage Lending team.

Marc knew First State Bank could help – but the timing would be tight. The clock was ticking with just thirty days to refinance the current mortgage, or else Rose would have to stay with a hard money lender paying 10% for 12 months. Who could afford that?!

Terrified at the thought of losing everything she’d invested in her home, Rose entrusted Marc and First State Bank to get the refi done in time. And…with three days to spare, Rose closed on her mortgage – with very little out-of-pocket expenses AND a significant reduction in her monthly payment amount.

Rose was relieved, grateful, and ready to begin again in the home she had been investing in for so many years.