Why First State Bank?

David was persistent. He was eager to play a popular just-released online video game, but despite David’s begging, his father Raymond stood his ground: no game.

But David’s persistence paid off and eventually after weeks of his pleas, Raymond relented (parents, you know how it goes) and allowed David the use of his debit card to purchase the game.

What Raymond didn’t know? That video game purchase was originated outside of the country, in an area notorious for fraudulent activity.

And that’s where we entered the picture. You see, our Fraud Protection Team has its eyes open, even when you might be sound asleep. When the debit card transaction came through it was flagged immediately. Not only was Raymond notified first thing in the morning, but the transaction was stopped instantaneously, before any damage could be done.

Raymond was relieved for the save – and pledged his loyalty to the First State Bank team for protecting his accounts. As for David, we’re pretty sure the use of his dad’s debit card is now off limits.