Lending Team

Not all mortgage loans are created equal. Then again, not all lenders are, either. At First State Bank, we pride ourselves on being different – we are proud of our team of lenders who listen. Whether you’re a first time buyer, or you’ve been around the block before, our lenders will work with you to find a home loan that best fits your needs.

Give us a call today or contact one of our lenders to see how we can help you find the mortgage loan that’s right for you.

First State Bank NMLS ID 462643

Loan Officer NMLS ID Phone Number Email Address
Matt Baffo 770988 586-872-8885 mbaffo@fsb.bank
Michelle Bolley 1202946 586-215-2608 mbolley@fsb.bank
James Campau 336204 248-802-6883 jcampau@fsb.bank
Joseph Choiniere 1734988 586-405-8451 jchoiniere@fsb.bank
Ken Ebaugh 519784 248-270-6278 kebaugh@fsb.bank
Robert (Bob) Falbo 771014 586-907-9150 rfalbo@fsb.bank
Frank Foss 653432 586-291-3285 ffoss@fsb.bank
Anthony Frontera 1877620 586-265-1710 afrontera@fsb.bank
Sam Ghasham 293006 313-656-9061 sghasham@fsb.bank
David Godin 166022 586-416-0600 dgodin@fsb.bank
Robert Klein 562854 586-553-4060 rklein@fsb.bank
Kristy Klein 562645 586-588-1669 kklein@fsb.bank
Jason Mittler 1117454 586-383-8700 jmittler@fsb.bank
Nicholas Murri 2222345 586-484-3539 nmurri@fsb.bank
Manny (Lawerence) Nino 830317 586-945-5203 mnino@fsb.bank
Lisa Marie Pevac 168991 586-354-6797 lpevac@fsb.bank
Marc Reneau 140035 586-854-3674 mreneau@fsb.bank
Shawn Williams 2274948 248-285-0027 swilliams@fsb.bank