Lending Team

Not all mortgage loans are created equal. Then again, not all lenders are, either. At First State Bank, we pride ourselves on being different – we are proud of our team of lenders who listen. Whether you’re a first time buyer, or you’ve been around the block before, our lenders will work with you to find a home loan that best fits your needs.

Give us a call today or contact one of our lenders to see how we can help you find the mortgage loan that’s right for you.

First State Bank NMLS # 462643

Loan Officer NMLS # Phone Number Email Address
Gina Aboona 1704926 586-917-7779 gaboona@fsb.bank
Matt Baffo 770988 586-872-8885 mbaffo@fsb.bank
Matthew Burke 880459 586-649-8867 mburke@fsb.bank
James Campau 336204 248-802-6883 jcampau@fsb.bank
Joseph Choiniere 1734988 586-405-8451 jchoiniere@fsb.bank
Ken Ebaugh 519784 248-270-6278 kebaugh@fsb.bank
Diana Evennou 707352 248-760-2015 devennou@fsb.bank
Robert (Bob) Falbo 771014 586-907-9150 rfalbo@fsb.bank
Frank Foss 653432 586-291-3285 ffoss@fsb.bank
Sam Ghasham 293006 313-656-9061 sghasham@fsb.bank
Richard Huetter 948117 734-260-1436 rhuetter@fsb.bank
Ann Mickens 1694334 248-225-1205 amickens@fsb.bank
Jason Mittler 1117454 586-383-8700 jmittler@fsb.bank
Manny (Lawerence) Nino 830317 586-945-5203 mnino@fsb.bank
Lisa Marie Pevac 168991 586-354-6797 lpevac@fsb.bank
Marc Reneau 140035 586-854-3674 mreneau@fsb.bank