Personalized Debit Card Usage Disclosure

When you order your First State Bank personalized debit card, you agree to our terms and conditions as described.

Active Debit Card/Checking Account in Good Standing

You are a current cardholder of an open and active First State Bank (FSB) debit card and your checking account is in good standing.

You Own Sole Rights to the Submitted Image

By applying for a personalized debit card, you give FSB permission to use the photograph on the card. You agree to indemnify and hold FSB harmless for any liability incurred by FSB due to any third party action which asserts that a photograph or other document provided by for use by FSB violates any claimed copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights for that third party. You must have sole rights to use the submitted image. If you submit images that do not follow the image guidelines, we reserve the right to deny the request for the personalized debit card.

Design Fee of $9.95 Per card.

Unless waived as part of a promotion or as part of your deposit account type, your card-linked checking account will be charged a $9.95 design fee when your image is approved.

Note: Your existing First State Bank debit card will no longer work after you activate your personalized debit card.