Banker Jr.

A free mobile app to help kids save – because kids count too.

Kids know #Insta, #Tweet & #Snap, but do they know about money?

Kids pick up on the latest trends in a heartbeat. Smart financial skills are learned and practiced.

That’s why we are providing this free fun educational app that teaches kids good saving and spending habits, encourages giving to others and provides math skills practice.

  • Games teach financial knowledge and skills for toddlers to early middle schoolers
  • Kids track spending, saving and giving goals
  • App creates positive family conversations around money
  • FSB Banker Jr. is safe to use and tracks money virtually (no bank account required)

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for FSB Banker Jr. or use the links below:



Have questions? View our FAQs:

The mobile app works on Apple and Android phones and tablets but not on laptop and desktop computers. Multiple devices can access the same family account by using the same username and password