Sending Text Messages to FSB Mobile Banking

Where do I send my text inquiries?

Send your text message to First State Bank using short code 96924. You should add this short code to your contact list for easy access. Short codes are abbreviated phone numbers.

How long does it take to get a response via Text Banking?

You will receive a text message response in less than a minute. Exact timing will depend upon your mobile service provider. If you have not received a message within 2 - 4 minutes, make sure you are sending text messages to the right short code (96924). Also, check any additional information required for the request, such as the shortcut, account nickname or address. If everything is correct, retry your text.

Is Text Banking case-sensitive?

No. You can type BAL, bal or any combination and a response with your account balance information will be sent to your phone.

Why are my results sent as multiple messages?

Text messages are limited to 160 characters. A response from a command may be delivered in multiple text messages if it exceeds this which is dependent upon the number accounts, and balances, you have.

I have text messaging enabled on my phone, why can't I receive text messages?

Your mobile service carrier may be blocking short codes or you may have blocked short codes on your mobile phone. Short codes must be enabled to use FSB Mobile Banking.


Shortcuts for FSB Mobile Text Banking:

BAL - Receive account balances

HIST [nickname] - Returns the history for that account. Ex: hist chk1

ATM [zipcode] - Returns a list of surcharge-free ATMs nearby. Ex: atm 48080

BRANCH [zipcode] - Returns a list of nearby FSB branches. Ex: branch 48094

BOTH [zipcode] - Returns a list of the nearby branches and ATMs. Ex: both 48042

NEXT - Returns a list of the next transactions, branches, ATMs, etc.

HELP - Returns a list of text commands and Customer Service information

STOP - deactivates mobile banking from phone