Set Up Account Alerts

Setting up Account Alerts is a breeze in Online Banking.

  • Choose “Alerts” found in upper right corner then “Set Up New Alert.”
  • For each account (if you have multiple accounts), determine which alerts you wish to add and follow the prompts to choose how you would like your alert delivered (email or text message1). If you want both a text message and an email, set up two alerts, one directed to your email address and the other to your text message email address (see below chart).
  • Click submit. You’ll start receiving alerts from entitled "Requested Notification" each time your alert is triggered.

To delete an alert:

  • Login to Online Banking and choose “Alerts” found in upper right corner.
  • Determine which account alert you wish to delete and click "Delete."
Phone Provider Text Message Email Address
AT & T
Boost Mobile
Metro PCS
Sprint PCS
Virgin Mobile

1. Alerts are a free service however your phone provider may charge for text messages