Switch to First State Bank

Switching your accounts to First State Bank is simple.

1. Open your First State Bank account
Open your First State Bank account online or by visiting the branch nearest you. Stop using your old account, but be sure to leave sufficient funds to cover any outstanding checks or pending automatic transactions.

2. Get organized
With our helpful Switch Kit Checklist, gather all the relevant information about your existing accounts.

3. Move Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments
Move or establish Direct Deposits with your employer or other organizations using the Direct Deposit Form

Switch any of your Automatic Online Payments online by using the Automatic Payment Transfer Form

As an alternative, your First State Bank checking account comes with free Online BillPay, which you can use to pay your bills from one secure website giving you more control over your money.

4. Close your old account
Close your old account and start using your First State Bank Account. Use our Account Closure Request form to send to your former banking institution.

Be sure all checks have cleared and all automatic deposits and payments have switched. If your account is an interest-bearing account, you should consider your account closing date accordingly.